Pistachio Festival
in Rafsanjan City

Rafsanjan Governer: Pistachio festival is going to be held Aug-Sep in rafsanjan city. Worldwide elite people will be invited to this festival to talk about the possible solutions of economical crisis.

Iran likely to see 10%
decline in pistachio output

The Pistachio Company Food Trading forecasts the 2016 crop to reach 185,000 tonnes in gross dry weight. “This number represents a 20% drop in Kerman state, but 10% overall drop nationwide,” Denis Ketabi wrote in a crop report.

US pistachio shipments'
sharp decline continues

US pistachio shipments remain substantially behind those of the previous season, Primex International Trading Corporation noted in its latest report on the sector.

Spanish firm invests in
pistachio processing unit

Alternativas Agroforestales Esla from Valladolid is investing EUR0.6 million (USD0.69 mln) in a new pistachio nut processing unit that is expected to come online in 2017 in the autonomous community of Castile and León.

Pistachio market still
stuck in sluggish mode

European traders have told The Public Ledger that the general trading situation on Iranian pistachios remains sluggish.

Iran, Eurasia Economic Union
hold first meeting on free trade

TEHRAN (ISNA)- At the first round of negotiation between Trade Promotion Organization of Iran led by Ziaei Bigdeli and officials of Eurasian Economic Union in Moscow, the two parties reviewed feasibility studies to initiate free trade.

Pistachio Oil Extraction
with Medical Grade

A DIY Creativity
with Pistachio Shells

How to open closed
pistachios easily?!